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I used to be right of center politically, and while I haven't changed, my family members (the ones who I have birthed and to whom I am married) call me a liberal. I don't really think that I am-- my views are all over the place, as I think are the views of most people. One of my adult children called me the family's "token liberal" (not the toking liberal, I am not like that!) so I decided to make it my blog title. I write about what I do in my community that matters to me and I share with everyone who cares to read what I think.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Honest Reviews

I have agonized for the past 48 hours how to write a review of something that I disliked. Would I be honest and tell the owner to suck it up and let's stay friends? Would I lie? Would I just leave out the parts that I hated and write only good? I am still annoyed. I will write but leave out the event title. It is unlikely to happen again, and if the company does the same thing, I will probably hear about it and tip off the company owner about what I really thought!
I got suckered into buying a $35 ticket last week when the presenter confided in me that she was worried about not selling enough tickets to make the cost of a comedian who she was flying up. While my expendable dollars are stretched to the limit, I bought one.

My guilt for not including my husband was dashed five minutes into the show. I laughed politely and smiled to show that I was paying attention, but I didn't really find anything that she said to be humorous. She was doing that self depreciating female humor for women over the age of 40 where the jokes were about post menopausal weight gain, urinating,  husbands and wives where the husbands were stupid butts of jokes, confessionals where the comedian claimed that she was an idiot in conversations and didn't "get" her smarter husband, post menopausal weight gain, aging, post menopausal weight gain, and urinating (she used the term “to pee” or “to go pee” and the term annoys me.) The repetitions in my descriptions were not accidents and I want two hours of my life back. And my $35—the desert menu was good but not that good. The three other young women at my table excused themselves ten minutes into it.

The one time that I did laugh was when I checked my phone, hoping for an urgent message beckoning me home or to the hospital to donate a kidney or something. I couldn’t resist checking Face Book and in a private all female group we were discussing male "size" vs. motion on the ocean. One of my friends made a reference to "the curse of the dinky pinky winky." The humor was actually not disparaging to anyone in particular, just concepts. How she phrased it and the ensuing conversation was very funny and I let out a laugh that was part air, part snort, and part tea. Tea squirted out of my nose and I was in a sparsely attended show at the front table. She made a joke about me in that it was the first real laugh out of me all night.

Of course my going was not out of a desire to watch the show, it was a desire to support someone, so in this regard, it was money well spent.


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